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Info for New Adopters

Bringing Your New Dog Home, Tips & Tricks by Susan Wiater

12 Quick Tips for New Puppies by Susan Wiater

Introducing Your New Cat to other Pets

Tips for House Training your Puppy

Tips for Dogs and Kids (please watch the video about dog bites)

Use this link for a discount to sign up for virtual training for the Whole Family from The Family Dog -

For more information on what is included in this package please visit their website at

If you are having an issue with your new pet PLEASE reach out to us ASAP so we can point you in the right direction BEFORE it becomes a major issue.  The best way to reach us is

Susan is happy to do a FREE consult and you will receive a coupon for this with your pets adoption records!

Medical Records
Young Family with Pet Dog

Medical records will be emailed to the email on your application within 10 days of adoption.  If you do not see them please do an email search for and make sure to check your junk mail!

Petstablished is the microchip company we use.  You will receive a separate email post adoption from them.  You can use the link this email to update your pets photo and your contact information for your pets microchip if it changes.

Please remember we are 100% volunteer based. Most of our volunteers also have other jobs, families, animals of their own etc.  We do our best to be as responsive as possible but please give us at least 24-48hrs to respond.  Again, email is the best way to reach us!  
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