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Rehoming Pets

Has something happened in your life and you can no longer take care of your pet? Or perhaps you have found a stray cat or dog and need to find him/her a home. Maybe a friend or relative has died, leaving one or more pets to be placed in a new home. You want to be able to do something to help find a new and loving permanent home, rather than turning the pet over to the local shelter or humane society, where the animal may be put down.  Here are some resources to help you.

We have partnered with Rehome by Adopt-A-Pet to help you:

  • Create A Pet Profile

  • Review Applications

  • Meet Adopters

  • Finalize Adoptions












Tips for Rehoming a Pet on Your Own from ...

  1. Prepare the Animal for Adoption - To increase the chances of finding a home and the success of the new placement, it is important that the pet is:

    • Spayed or Neutered

    • In good health and up-to-date on vaccinations

    • Clean and groomed

    • House-trained and reasonably well-behaved (Need recommendations for a good trainer? Please reach out to us.)

  2. Advertise Widely - Get the word out, in as many places as possible, to increase your chances of success in finding a new home.  Social Media is your new best friend!

  3. Get the Pet Out There - The more the pet is out and about interacting with people the more likely they will charm the right person (this works especially well with dogs).  Take him on walks, to the pet store, or a neighborhood park.  You can even put on a colorful bandana that says 'Adopt Me' or 'Looking for a Home'.

  4. Remind yourself that YOU are this pet's best option for finding a new home  - You might think shelters or rescue groups would be more adept at placing the pet because we have experience, facilities, screening guideline, etc. BUT, an individual, particularly one who knows the animal, can focus all his or her efforts on that pet, provide the most information to prospective adopters, and best determine the appropriateness of a new home.

Any shelter or sanctuary is stressful for an animal.

The shelter setting, no matter how nice, can bring on stress-related problems. Anxiety, aggression, and even illness are common and these natural reactions may make adoption difficult or impossible so please think twice before surrendering a pet!

For more Information on Rehoming an Animal Please CLICK HERE

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