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Thank you for looking at Sloppy Kisses to adopt your new furry family member!


How to Adopt

1. Fill out an online adoption application. 

  • Make sure you fill out all the information! We need at least 3 references and if you rent your landlord name and contact information.  We will not set up a meet and greets until you have submitted an application and it has been approved. We DO NOT adopt to people out of the United States, for kittens, puppies and small dogs rarely adopt to people outside of Colorado, occasionally we will adopt a large dog or adult cat to someone out of state since they usually have fewer applications, but in-state applications will take priority.  All animals MUST be picked up in person after having a meet and greet to ensure it's a good fit.  

  • Application Status: If an animal is no longer posted on our website it may just have lots of applications. If your application status changes to 'On Hold' then the animal has been adopted. 

2. Application Review

3. Application Approval

  • We check references, verify information on the application (if you provide false information your application will be tossed out), and confirm homeownership or permission from the landlord.

  • If approved, you will receive an email from us outlining the steps to set up a meet and greet with the animal's foster.

4. Set up a meet and greet with the foster 

  • All of our adoption paperwork can be completed online so if you decide at the meet and greet you would like to adopt we will email you the paperwork to complete on your phone.

  • Please read the adoption contract thoroughly before signing!

5. Adoption!

  • Once the adoption contract is signed and the adoption fee is paid, you can take the pet home with you!

  • All paperwork, vet records etc will be emailed out within 10 days of adoption


Adoption Events


See the home page for time and locations.


For information on when and where our next event will be please check out the Home page. 


Please fill out an online application PRIOR to the event.  Because adoption events can get a bit crazy this allows us to check your references and make sure we have any required documents like permission from your landlord already out of the way. 


Adoptions at adoption events are first come to approved applicants so this is also why it is best to have an application submitted PRIOR to the adoption event!



It is your responsibility to research and be responsible for the pet you choose to adopt.  Please allow proper consideration for any constraints as mandated by housing, exercise needs, financial responsibilities, etc. 


If you are not willing or able to contribute $500-$1200 in training for your new pet if needed, please do not adopt (please make sure to read item 2 of the adoption contract)! 


We do not DNA test dogs prior to adoption, the breed listed is based of the records we have prior to the dogs coming to our rescue, and physical characteristics the dog has, but we make no guarantees regarding the breed and age of the pet (please refer to item 12 of the adoption contract).


READ THE ADOPTION CONTRACT DON'T JUST SIGN!!!  There is also information/resources on our website for adopters to help you and your new pet get acclimated please look at that prior to adopting.


Dog Adoption Fees:

Puppies under 6mo and expected to be under 25lbs full grown: $600

Puppies under 6mo: $450

Young Dogs 6mo-1 year: $400* 

Adult Dogs under 25lbs - $400

Adult Dogs (all dogs 1 yr and over) $350*

Senior Dogs: $250

Dogs that could be a flip risk, purebred dogs, etc - Adoption Fee Varies

*See the coupon on our home page for adult pitties!

Cat Adoption Fees:

Kittens under 6mo old: $175

Cats 6mo - 2yo: $125

Cats 3yo and older: $75 

There is also a $12.99 fee for the microchip registration on ALL adopted pets

All animals are spayed/neutered, microchipped and up to date on vaccinations prior to adoption


Depending on the age of the pet some additional vaccinations/tests may be covered post-adoption

Adult dogs are also tested for Heart Worm and all cats are tested for Feline Leukemia and AIDS

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